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holland blinds


Holland blinds are a very popular, cost-effective and functional window covering that can enhance the look of any decor. The fabric and componentry available to us today are very innovative with fabrics ranging from beautiful translucent to 100 percent blockouts. We also offer sunscreen fabrics that allows for control of heat and glare while still providing important daytime privacy. 

Our incredible range of fabric finishes includes everything from woven, textured, pearlised embossed patterns to the very popular, easy-to-clean, smooth surfaces.
A home with Venetian blinds in Gregory Hills


Venetian blinds are a versatile window covering that can filter light, completely block out light or allow a view to the outside while still providing privacy. They are available in natural timber, PVC compound material and aluminium. For the best advice on the most quality product for you, please contact our staff.
plantation shutters

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are a modern and trendy window covering that compliment any home. They offer versatility in light filtering with the option to tilt, open or close completely.
vertical blinds


Vertical blinds are one of the most popular and practical choices for glass sliding doors and windows. They have fabric slats running vertically from side to side across the window and can be operated by the traditional cord system or the more popular wand system. The slats can be tilted to allow as much or as little light in as needed. They can also be drawn across to open up the entire view. 

For more information, please contact our friendly staff.
panel glides

Panel Glides

Panel Glides are a simple yet elegant option to cover your large windows and doors. Similar to verticals, Pan Glides slide across your window effortlessly to easily control how much light enters the room and offering easy control of privacy. Coming in numerous patterns and colours of fabrics, you may choose to add them in as a statement piece for your room or as a subtle accent piece to enhance the theme. Come and browse the many creative options you can add to your home.
roman blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are the new and modern take when it comes to the traditional window blinds. Their advantages are numerous when it comes to style and options. With too many designer shade fabrics and patterns to count, your options are endless when choosing for your home. 
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